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POPNT offers website analysis, building, planning, and administration in the age of popular nanotechnologies.

Whether you already have a website or plan on having one, web development can be a daunting prospect. POPNT is here to deal with that headache for you, so you don't have to choose between running your business or running your website.


Solely owned and operated by Julia Greaven, POPNT was founded to research and deliver dependable web publishing solutions.

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What we do

POPNT acts as the focal point for all your web development needs. Whether that means a few minor updates to your current site, or you wish to create a brand new web property, we're here to guide you every step of the way.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Cloud Services Integration
  • Structural Analysis
  • e-Commerce Integration
  • User Experience (UX) Analysis
  • Internationalization, Multilingual
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Affiliate Integration


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Julie Chase, GreenLight Rights

Julia's passion comes across in her work. She not only created a relevant and fun Einstein Facebook page, but also built a community of more than a million fans. Julia is conscientious, proactive and professional. I've truly enjoyed working with her.

Johanne O'Malley, WordCrafting

"Julia's contributions are consistently well-informed, well-founded and well-formulated. She demonstrates not only consistency (which is key when working with freelance entrepreneurs), but thoroughness and reliability. I look forward to undertaking large projects in the future in tandem with Julia. She is solid, and savvy business owners know the value-added of having good talent contributing to projects."

Tom Swain, Test Architect

"Julia Greaven is a walking masterpiece of connectivity. Not only does she know how to configure hardware, manage networks, administer servers, provide tech support in three languages, and design and maintain web applications -- she really knows how to connect to people. She listens carefully, and with her decade of experience, she often intuits what you are trying to achieve, sometimes when even you don't fully grasp it. And when she speaks, everything 'technical' becomes 'understandable.' You may not realize just how valuable all this is right now, but trust me, one day -- you will."

Kelly Alexander, The Kelly Alexander Show

"Julia is very detail-oriented and makes sure what needs to get done gets accomplished immediately. I appreciate that she thoroughly researches the material to make sure that is the best solution for the project. Julia is also a pleasure to work with and does her best to make sure you understand what steps need to be taken for the project to be a success."

Al Gravelle, RPM Communications

"I have known Julia for several years now. She has an excellent work ethic. Julia was and is able to foresee what maybe a weak spot in a project and be the trouble shooter to avoid "glitches" and see a project through. Julia has consulted on a few dealings with me in the past and I would not hesitate again to have her a part of my team."

Ani Gurunlian, Guru Films

"Julia Greaven is most professional, diplomatic, polite, good natured, even tempered, and good humored. She's truly fluent in english, french, & spanish. She's responsible, punctual, respectful, and communicates extremely well (which is SO important to me). She's also very sweet, warm, and friendly!"

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